Pirate Republic Brewing Co. is the original craft brewery of The Bahamas. Born out of a love of hops and dark, well-crafted beers, Pirate Republic Brewing Co was founded by a Bahamian who first started homebrewing in the 1990's and whose family first arrived in The Bahamas in the early 1700's - during the actual Pirate Republic days that defined the Golden Age of Piracy! Pirate Republic Brewing Co is a celebration of the history and flavours of The Bahamas. Beer brings people together - often to tell stories. At Pirate Republic Brewing Co we strive to tell authentic stories of The Bahamas through our beers, our food, the artwork in our two Taprooms (one in downtown Nassau and one at Marina Village in Atlantis) and the musicians who perform with us. Brewed by Pirates for Pirates! Inspired by the Pirate Code. We live life on our own terms. Come join us. Cheers!

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