Valdez K. Russell

FTX Digital Markets
Vice President of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

Valdez K. Russell is a catalyst for sustainable leadership development who connects with individuals to influence change through building positive relationships. As a visionary and an innovative thinker, he serves as Vice President of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility for FTX Digital Markets. In this role, Valdez drives partnerships, builds relationships and identifies talent to achieve extraordinary results for a modern and prosperous world. As Vice President, Valdez collaborates with a dynamic team to spearhead the philanthropic charge of positively impacting Bahamian communities through the development of meaningful collaborations aimed at providing support for businesses and organizations that better the lives of Bahamians and residents. Under his leadership, this support has focused on initiatives that include health and wellness, the empowerment of women and children, hunger and food insecurity, animal welfare, climate change and environmental issues. As a proud Bahamian, Valdez is a highly sought after keynote speaker, panelist and presenter who delivers global sessions on topics such as: small business best practices, effective communication, branding and marketing, leadership development and organizational change.

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