The Honourable Philip Edward Davis, QC

5th Prime Minister of the Bahamas

PHILIP EDWARD ‘BRAVE’ DAVIS is perhaps best known now as a politician, serving as Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, and Member of Parliament for CAT ISLAND, RUM CAY AND SAN SALVADOR. What many may not know is that he entered politics late in life. Professionally, he is known both locally and internationally as an acclaimed Corporate and Human Rights lawyer, a highly distinguished legal educator, a passionate sportsperson, a sponsor of many sporting activities, and a Toastmaster. Mr. Davis received his early education at the Old Bight All Age School, Cat Island, and the Eastern Junior & Senior Schools and St. John"s College in New Providence. After a brief stint in banking, he articled as a Law Clerk in the Law Chambers of Wallace- Whitfield & Barnwell. His appointment as Queen"s Counsel, the highest possible honour which is conferred on those practicing law in the English legal system anywhere in the world, came in recognition of both his highly successful legal practice, but also his contribution to legal education. A leading litigation lawyer, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis has an impressive record in the Courts of Appeal, with perhaps more appearances before the UK Privy Council than any other Bahamian lawyer. A former Member of the Council of Legal Education for CARICOM he has made an unprecedented contribution to legal education in the Caribbean region. Mr. Davis twice served as Vice-President of the Bar Council before becoming President of the Bahamas Bar Association in 1995. Since 2002, he has been Managing Partner of the law firm which bears his name: Davis & Co. In 1970 Mr. Davis became a Member of Toastmaster Club 1600, a non- profit organisationestablished to develop leadership skills through listening, thinking and speaking. He served as its President in 1979, and as Division Governor ofToastmasters for The Bahamas in 1989. A keen sportsman interested in baseball, softball, swimming and athletics, Mr. Davis served as Vice-President of the Bahamas Swim Federation from 1986 to 1990, and was President of the Sea Bees Swim Club from 1980 to 1990. He is married to Ann-Marie Davis. His six children inherited their father"s passion for sports, hard work and patriotism, going on to represent the Bahamas at the CARIFTA Games. During his first term in parliament, Mr. Davis chaired the National Insurance Board for a number of years, which is why he is able to speak so authoritatively on the economic affairs of the country. During his tenure there, he introduced a number of fundamental reforms, which put the National Insurance Board in the position it is today, where it is currently providing support to thousands of Bahamians. During the last administration of the Progressive Liberal Party, from 2012-2017, Mr. Davis ran a super-ministry, the Ministry of Works. His portfolio covered everything relating to the physical infrastructure of The Bahamas, as well as oversight of Bahamasair, BEC, and the Water & Sewerage Corporation. In no small way this is why he has the reputation for getting things done. Since May 2017, he has been Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party. On September 16th, he was Elected the fifth Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, where he also serves as Minister of Finance.

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