Leah Callon-Butler


Leah is the director of Emfarsis, an advisory and investing firm focused on Web3 innovation for the advancement of emerging economies. She is a Coindesk opinion columnist and writer/narrator of the award-winning mini documentary, "Play-to-Earn: NFT Gaming in the Philippines.” Based in Southeast Asia, Leah has collaborated with the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), Women’s World Banking, Games4Change APAC, and others, on how blockchain technologies can be leveraged to empower marginalized communities. With a special interest in evolving regulatory landscapes and their intersection with financial inclusion goals, Leah was an advisor to the inaugural V20 Summit and led communications for the interVASP joint working group, which created the world’s first technical standard to help crypto exchanges adhere to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s travel rule. Leah holds a Bachelor of Communications and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), both from the University of Technology Sydney.

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