Kanav Kariya

Jump Crypto

Kanav Kariya (26) is the president of Jump Crypto. He started at Jump Trading Group as an intern helping build the early trading platform for the group’s crypto efforts in 2016. After Kanav was hired full time, he worked as a Quantitative Researcher/Developer and then Director of Strategic Initiatives and Digital Assets at Jump Trading Group. He's overseeing a team of more than 140 that are building to create on-chain solutions across industries, in addition to maintaining a significant trading presence in crypto markets globally. Notable projects that Kanav's team is working on include Pyth and Wormhole, which are gaining momentum to bring market data on-chain and make to interoperability a reality. Since its inception this year, Pyth has grown tremendously by adding around 55 partners that are actively contributing market data to the project, including some of the world’s largest trading firms and exchanges. Kanav was drawn to work on crypto by seeing it as a way to break down barriers across industries – not just finance. Over the next few years, Kanav believes that crypto will be a part of every industry – healthcare, social media, etc. – by creating permissionless ways to share data and information in a trustless environment. With Jump Crypto, Kanav is exploring many of these opportunities in real-time. Jump Crypto has committed billions of dollars to the crypto space and will continue to allocate resources and capital to further develop the crypto ecosystem.

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