Evgeny Gaevoy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Evgeny is the founder and CEO of Wintermute. Having spent more than 15 years in financial services, he’s seen many inefficiencies and “dead weight” in the industry. He made his first bitcoin purchase in 2015 while on the tube. By the time he got off the train, his portfolio was up more than 30% - crypto had his full attention. An Optiver veteran, having built successful trading businesses from scratch, he set on a journey to build a new generation trading company, one that is technologically sophisticated, yet innovative, fast and friendly. In 2017, Evgeny founded Wintermute, which has quickly grown to become a leading global algorithmic trading firm in digital assets. Wintermute now provides liquidity algorithmically across over 60 centralized and decentralized exchanges, and facilitates the spot and derivatives OTC trading of 250+ tokens. Wintermute is also a big supporter of DeFi; it invests in upcoming DeFi protocols, partners with major blockchain projects and participates in governance with the goal to create a more decentralized and efficient world. Evgeny is a Dungeon Master for the company’s D&D campaigns. He’s a Dota enthusiast and lover of Sci-Fi - all of which carry true to the culture that he has instilled at Wintermute.

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